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General information


Pets are only available to players who have reached level 40. When you reach said level, a quest will appear which will send you to talk to Jong-Chug, who will explain some important facts about pets to you.

After he has finished explaining pets to you, you can open his shop.
There are 6 different Pet Seals (pet breeds) to choose from. There are 3 varieties of Cheheom Souls with which to feed (train) your pet.
Your pet will receive experience from you killing monsters, but only while it is summoned. It will receive as much experience as you do, but it is additional experience and you will not lose any from reaching your character. When your Pet reaches level 50, it may be transformed into a powerful mount, but it is not always advisable to do so, as the mount has different stats which are influenced by level and the pet traits.


There are 6 different kinds of Pet/Mounts at the moment. Note that each breed of Pet/Mount can be trained to have the same stats as any other breed.

Note that a pet does not offer you any bonus until its evolved to an Mount.

Seal Info Pet Info Mount
Lion Pet Seal 12.500.000 Yang
A Lion pet.
Wolf Pet Seal 12.500.000 Yang
A Wolf pet.
Boar Pet Seal 12.500.000 Yang
A Boar pet.
Tiger Pet Seal 12.500.000 Yang
A Tiger pet.
Fierce Reindeer Seal
Fierce Reindeer Seal 100 Dragon Coins during 2017 Christmas event. A beautiful reindeer mount to share the christmas spirit during your adventure.
Panda Pet Seal
Panda Pet Seal 12.500.000 Yang A Panda pet.
Dino Pet Seal
Dino Pet Seal 12.500.000 Yang A Dino pet.
Bernie Pet Seal
Bernie Pet Seal Christmas Event 2018 A Bernie pet.

Pets and Mounts

After you have choosen your pet seal, you can activate it.

Afterwards you can choose a name for it. Your Pet's name may later be changed using a Byeonhwa Scroll. The Pet is now next to your Character.

With the Button "P" you are able to open the Pet Window. The Pet Window displays information about your pet.

Experience/Level - Fidelity - Hunger - Agression - Perception - Sturdines

A Pet Gains EXP while you are killing monsters.
Mall EXP, EXP Ring, Ingame EXP Bonus also adds experience for your Pet. What is more you can use Pet Experience Ring (3h)
The maximum Level of a Pet is Lv. 100

Increases by PvM activity and by keeping your pet well fed. It persists through evolution, having the following effects:

  • Above 95% Fidelity, you will get a 5% bonus on all your pet stats
  • Above 75% Fidelity, you get a bonus on your (mounted) moving speed

100% is the Maximum.


  • Your pet will grow hungry over time, at different speeds depending on whether
You're mounting your pet
Your pet is summoned, but not mounted
Your pet is not summoned, or you're offline (slow)
  • Pet can be satiated a 10% of its hunger with the new common drop item: Shank of Meat
  • Keeping your pet well-fed will grant you Fidelity over time
  • If your pet is starving, you will lose Fidelity

Agression(Attack Value) is trained using Red Cheheom Souls. The maximum level is 10.
Perception(Evading Value) is trained using Blue Cheheom Souls. The maximum level is 10.
Sturdiness(Defense Value) is trained using Green Cheheom Souls. The maximum level is 10.

If you want reset pet's stats to 0, you should use:

However, bear in mind that the combined maximum of Agression-Perception-Sturdiness levels is 18. If you increase the total combined levels above 18 one of the other stats will decrease.

The higher the status levels of your Pet are, the better your Mount will be. Once your Pet has reached level 50, you may Evolve it into a Mount which adds some Bonus (explained below).

NOTE: You can change your mount back into pet, and you can train it further by using Deo-Jinhwa Scroll (25MC).

NOTE: Skills casted against enemy players in the 2 seconds that follow unmounting your horse or pet will miss 100% of the time. PvM and buff skills are completely unaffected by this change.

Examples of the Mount bonuses are as follows:
A Pet with Lv.100, 100% Happy, 100% Loyal, Aggression 10, will increase the Mount Attack value by 315 DMG.
A Petwith Lv.50, 0% Hunger, 0% Fidelity, Aggression 10, will increase the Mount Attack value only by 100 DMG.
A Petwith Lv.50, 0% Hunger, 0% Fidelity, Aggression 5, will increase the Mount Attack value only by 25 DMG.


The pet must be fed with Cheheom Soul's, to increase Agression-Perception-Sturdiness levels.The higher the stats of the Pet the more it will need to be fed.

Image Food for the pet Description Jong-Chug Price Regular drop from
Red Cheheom Soul Increase Pets combat Traits 2.000.000 Gold Lv. 90+ Maps Boss/Elite drop
Tainted Red Cheheom Soul Chance to Increase Pets combat Traits Can't be bought on NPC Lv. 90+ Maps as common drop
Green Cheheom Soul Increase Pets defense Traits 1.250.000 Gold Lv. 90+ Maps Boss/Elite drop
Tainted Green Cheheom Soul Chance to Increase Pets defense Traits Can't be bought on NPC Lv. 90+ Maps as common drop
Blue Cheheom Soul Increase Pets awareness 1.500.000 Gold Lv. 90+ Maps Boss/Elite drop
Tainted Blue Cheheom Soul Chance to Increase Pets awareness Can't be bought on NPC Lv. 90+ Maps as common drop

Horse Taming

The Horse Taming Manual increases the chance of successfully calling the horse or your mount.
There are ten different levels to the Call-Horse-Skill.gif "Call Horse" skill.

Stage 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Chance 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%


The following skills can be learned by reading Horse Taming Manual, and are shared between Pet mounts and Horse

Note that you need a military horse (Level 21) in order to use these skills on a mount.

  • Horseback Slash (from level 50): Ride a horse and attack the enemies.
  • Horse Stump (from level 52): Smash all enemies in the proximity.
  • Power Wave (from level 55): attack all enemies from your horse.
  • Arrow Storm (from level 50, only for Ninjas): Shoot several arrows at your opponents!

Combinations of keys

You can use these combinations of keys in connection with the Pet:

  • P -> Display your Pet window
  • [Ctrl]+ P -> (Un)summon your Mount / Pet
  • [Ctrl]+ B -> Sends your Mount away
  • [Ctrl]+ H or G -> (Dis)mount your Mount
  • H Key Only on Pet -> (Dis)mount your Mount