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Player Guidelines

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Beginner I

Complete objectives to earn following rewards:
Task Reward Process
Obtain a horse 10x
Reach level 10 and visit Stable Boy to finish the quest "I want to ride" in order to obtain your horse.
Destroy a Chaos Metin 1x
Thief's Glove (2h)
Collect 10x Chaos Fragments to obtain Chaos Crystal. In order to get this task done you need to use Chaos Crystal to summon Metin of Chaos and destroy the stone.
Destroy Metin of Pride 1x
Metin Stone Compass
Metin of Pride can be found on Yongbi Desert. Search and destroy it to complete this task.
Defeat boss from the first map 10x
Purple Potion(L)
Kill one of following bosses: Tigris, Bera, Lykos or Scrofa.
Visit map2 through the Teleporter 3x
Blessing Scroll
Travel to Second City.

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Beginner II

Complete objectives to earn following rewards:
Task Reward Process
Obtain your first Pet Seal 3x
Red Cheheom Soul
Reaching 40 level will bestow you with possibility to get your first pet seal. Purchase any of them in order to complete this task. If you have already got your first pet seal - summon pet and warp yourself to get this task done.
Craft Potion of Binding 1x
Stone against Monsters
Binding Liquid is essential for crafting of Potion of Binding. In order to acquire Binding Liquid transfer a spirit stone +0/+1/+2/+3 onto Alchemist. Later to get Potion of Binding and ipso facto finish this task, exchange 100x Binding Liquids through 'Create Potion of Binding' alchemist's dialog.
Destroy a Metin of Deceit 4x
Doctor's Code
Destroy Metin of Deceit which can be found in Snakefield.
Complete ‘The Mysterious Stones’ quest 10x
Cor Draconis (Rough)
Reach 40 level and complete The Mysterious Stones quest that can be found at Alchemist.
Upgrade a Spirit Stone to +5 1x
Blue Dragon Breath
The Spirit Stone +5 can be upgraded by 2 ways. Either by using Blue Dragon Breath which will enhance the chance of success or with help of Seon-Pyeong standing near Heaven’s Lair entrance in the Valley of Seungryong who is going to conduct the refinement process in exchange for a bit of yin.

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Intermediate I

Complete objectives to earn following rewards:
Task Reward Process
Attain Level 75 10x
Passage Ticket
Reach level 75.
Defeat Spider Baroness level 75 weapon corresponding to class Spider Baroness can be found in Breeding Lair dungeon accessible from Spider Cave 3 through the Gravestone. To enter the expedition you need an Arachnid Key and level 50 or higher.
Obtain and use Lost King's treasury map 3x
Exorcism Scroll
Killing monsters on specific map can result dropping a Tresury Map. Use, find the marked location and defeat room defender.
Obtain a Relic 1x
Hermit's Advice
Obtain a Relic by killing the Death Reaper.
Join the Dojang Event 3x
Mystery Nectar Box
Join the weekly Dojang Event through the event button and sign up for a battle at the Battle Master.

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Intermediate II

Complete objectives to earn following rewards:
Task Reward Process
Attain level 90 1x
Artisan Stone
Reach level 90.
Defeat Azrael 1x
Firm Soul Crystal Piece
Upon reaching level 75 you are granted access to the Devil’s Catacombs. You are going to need a Relic for every party member in order to proceed in the dungeon. Reach the boss room and defeat Azrael.
Obtain Dragon God's Symbol 10x
Obtain Dragon God's Symbol by defeating Heaven’s General in Heaven's Lair V2.
Complete a daily beta quest 3x
Silver Clasp
Reach out Admiral Angmur in Cape Dragon Fire and complete the repetition quest ‘Loot and Assassinations’. The quest is cyclic and can be completed again after 24 hours. Additionally by completing this mission you can receive special 90 level shields as well as the Three Emperor Shield.
Finish the Earth Dragon quests' chain 1x
Calamity Log
Finish the Sounds of the mine! quest to unlock The Mystical Ring quest. You can unlock the Earth Dragon run by completing this mission.

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Expert I

Complete objectives to earn following rewards:
Task Reward Process
Finish Meley's Lair Dungeon 1x
Dragon Necklace
Access the Meley's Lair through Dragon Watcher Dolnarr in Fireland and complete the run.
Visit the Deceitful Forest 1x
Experience Bracelet (3h)
When you reach 100 level visit the Deceitful Forest through the teleporter.
Obtain Kirin Horse 10x
Leopard Pill
Kirin Horse is a final form of military horse. In order to train your Military horse you need Advanced Horse Medal for each level. The medal can be crafted at the Stable Boy in exchange for 10x Horse medal and 1x Kirin Shard.
Obtain a level 95 weapon 1x
Stone of the Blacksmith
Weapons for 95 level can be found as a drop from Metins in the Deceitful Forest.
Join the National War event 1x
Time Elixir (L)
Join the National War event and compete against the rival dynasty.

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Expert II

Complete objectives to earn following rewards:
Task Reward Process
Visit Deungsan Peaks 1x
Darkness Compass
When you reach 107 level and complete DF questline, visit the Deungsan Peaks through portal located in DF.
Defeat Razador 1x
Red Flame Stone
Obtaining level 100 gives you access to the Red Dragon Fortress. In order to get this task done complete the dungeon and defeat Razador but beware! To summon the boss at least one member of the group with level 104+ must have finished the level 103 quest Dragon Fortress Step 3: Razador. The quest chain begins at level 99 at Yak–Hwan in Cape Dragon Head map.
Defeat Nemere 25x
Frozen Insect
Obtaining level 105 gives you access to the Nemere's Depths dungeon. Enter the dungeon from via Ice Land Guardian NPC in Sohan Mountain and defeat Nemere spawning the last floor. Beware of new mechanism that was introduced into this dungeon. The temperature bar is going to deteriorate during the time being. Make sure to sustain the bar's value on sufficient level otherwise, if it hits 0, your character will keep dying. In order to heat up the temperature you need to use Heat Cores which you can obtain from monsters at level 1 and level 5.
Obtain a Glacial Gear piece 3x
Frozen Lotus Flower
Obtain any piece of Glacial Gear. You can posses it either through crafting located in Sohan Mountain or acquire it on market.
Obtain an Alchemic Bonus Changer 3x
Cor Draconis (Antique)
Alchemic Bonus Changer can be found as a part of drop from Meley's Treasure Coffer.

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