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Royal Treasure Chest Rewards

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Tier I (0-9 Completed Missions) Tier II (10-24) Tier III (25-49) Tier IV (50-99) Tier V (100+)
Black Wind Suit +6 Bronze Clasp Golden Dragon Belly Golden Dragon Belly Golden Dragon Tail x3
Black Tunic +6 Silver Clasp Golden Dragon Tail x2 Golden Dragon Tail x3 Golden Dragon Belly
Black Magic Armour +6 Gold Clasp Orc Mace Orc Mace Golden Fabric x3
Black Steel Armour +6 Violet Fabric Quartz Sand Quartz Sand Heaven's Shield
Ruby Decoration Red Fabric Demonic Ashes Demonic Ashes Bronze Clasp x3
Blessing Scroll Golden Fabric Water Crystal Bronze Clasp x2/x3 Shield of Yomi
Dragon's Heart Dragon's Heart Cor Draconis (Cut) Magic Seeds World's Shield
Dragon's Claw Dragon's Claw Blue Crystal Water Crystal Three Emperors Shield
Keun-Gisul Stone Keun-Gisul Stone Heaven's Shield Blue Crystal Cor Draconis (Antique) x1/x2
Emerald Decoration Cor Draconis (Cut) Shield of Yomi Heaven's Shield Silver Clasp x3
Cor Draconis (Rough) Orc Mace World's Shield Shield of Yomi Cor Draconis (Rare) x1/x3/x4
Piece of Craft. Powder x10 Quartz Sand Silver Clasp x2 Silver Clasp x2/x3 Blessing Marble
Orc Mace Blessing Scroll Gold Clasp x2 Keun-Gisul Stone x2 Bonus Changer x3
Quartz Sand Antique Epaulette Violet Fabric x2 World's Shield Bonus Adder
Sapphire Decoration Golden Dragon Tail Red Fabric x2 Grand Epaulette x2/x3 Gold Clasp x3
Grand Epaulette Heaven's Shield Golden Fabric x2 Noble Epaulette x2/x3 Orc Mace
Noble Epaulette Shield of Yomi Poison Sword +5 Antique Epaulette x2/x3 Quartz Sand
Antique Epaulette World's Shield Devil Wing Chakram +5 Gold Clasp x2/x3 Demonic Ashes
Ruby Engraving Knife Magic Seeds Crow Steel Bow +5 Violet Fabric x2/x3 Magic Seeds
Bronze Clasp Demonic Ashes Grudge Sword +5 Red Fabric x2/x3 Violet Fabric x3
Red Dragon Steel Poison Sword +5 Bamboo Bell +5 Golden Fabric x2/x3 Water Crystal
Purple Dragon Steel Devil Wing Chakram +5 Grand Epaulette x2 Cor Draconis (Rare) Blue Crystal
Blue Dragon Steel Crow Steel Bow +5 Noble Epaulette x2 Cor Draconis (Antique) Keun-Gisul Stone x3
Amethyst Engraving Knife Grudge Sword +5 Antique Epaulette x2 Blessing Marble Red Fabric x3
Silver Clasp Bamboo Bell +5 Keun-Gisul Stone Bonus Changer x2 -
Red Fabric Grand Epaulette Cor Draconis (Rare) Bonus Adder -
Violet Fabric Noble Epaulette Bronze Clasp x2 Three Emperors Shield -
Golden Fabric - Magic Seeds - -
Sapphire Engraving Knife - - - -
Gold Clasp - - - -

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