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Sangsun Dong

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Sangsun Dong Logo.jpg

FlagNeutral.png Sangsun Dong
With Sangsun Dong acts it around heavy ape Dungeon and/or ape Dungeon expert.

One bends directly with the first branching to the left and follows then the artery always straightforward, until one comes to a T-crossing, turns there right and follows again the artery, until one arrives in a round area. If one goes there straightforward, is there a blue wall. There one goes clean and then is one in the Bossroom!

On the way, once comes one watches out by a portal and stands thereafter a further ago, this directly does not take.

Interactive Map

Expert Cave Dungeon.png

No metins available on this map
No NPC's available on this map
Ore Veins
No ore veins available on this map

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas

Expert Cave Dungeon 2.jpg

No image available for metin spawn areas.

Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter