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Silver Treasure Box+

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Silver Treasure Box+

Silver Treasure Box+
A decorated silver box, that can be opened with Silver Key.
Contains several items.

This item is not used in quests.

Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png No.pngNo

Content - Items
Content - Armours
Content - Weapons
Tome of Swift Charge

Tome of Fatal Strike
Tome of Poisonous Cloud
Tome of Spinning Dagger
Tome of Stealth
Tome of Aura of Sword
Tome of Whirlwind
Tome of Shaolin Stance
Tome of Berserk
Tome of Thunder Strike
Tome of Lightning Stomp
Tome of Tiger Bash
Tome of Taichi
Tome of Lion Stomp
Tome of Spirit Strike
Tome of Enchant Damage
Tome of Blessing Spell
Tome of Reflect Damage
Tome of Dragon Roar
Tome of Inferno
Tome of Enchanted Blade
Tome of Enchanted Armour
Tome of Fear
Tome of Rupture
Tome of Nature Enchant
Tome of Cure
Tome of Lightning Strike
Tome of Thunder Bolt
Tome of Lightning Claw
Tome of Dark Orb
Tome of Dark Strike
Tome of Flame Strike
Tome of Ritual of Doom
Tome of Aphotic Shield
Tome of Power Orb
Tome of Repetition Shot
Tome of Arrow Shower
Tome of Toxic Arrow
Tome of Flaming Arrow
Goddess Tear
White Flag
Bravery Cape x1
Gold Ring
Sage King's Glove
Sage King's Symbol
Escapee's Cape
Lucy's Ring
Red Hairband
Facial Cream
Piece of Gem
Scorpion Tail
Demon's Keepsake
Bear Foot Skin+
Curse Book+
Snake Tail+
Orc Tooth

Wolf Claw+
No armours in this box
No weapons in this box
Content - Accessories
Content - Helms Shields
Content - Others
No accessories in this box
Mocking Helm +2, +3

Phoenix Hat +2, +3
Iron Helm +2, +3
Chain Hood +2, +3

Pentagon Shield +2, +3
No other items in this box

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