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Sockets (or Slots) are areas, in which your equipment can be enhanced

Weapons and Armors

All the Weapons and Armours have a set number of Sockets in which Spirit Stones can be added. The Spirit stones increase the stats of the Armour by the stats of the Spirit Stones. the sockets will be shown as soon as the first spirit stone is added, or a stone breaks.

  • Weapons and armors up to level 20 have 1 Socket
  • Wwapons and armors from level 25 - 42 have 2 Sockets.
  • Weapons and armors level 45 or above and the Antique Bell have 3 Sockets


Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings have no sockets by default. However, up to three socket can be added using Diamonds. The addition of a socket can fail. Inside accessories, instead of Spirit Stones, fitting jewelry can be added ( e.g. Ebony in Ebony Earrings, White Gold in White Gold Necklace and so on.. ) The insertion of of Jewelry can fail as well.

The added stones have a time limit. The time only runs out while fighting and only on the last added stone per accessory. When the time runs out, it leaves an empty socket and the time of the next stone starts running out.

Position Time amplification by
1 24 h 10%
2 12 h 10%
3 6 h 20%