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Spider Dungeon

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Spider Dungeon
The Kuahklo Dong (also called Spiders Dungeon) is a region with spidery monsters. It resembles the ape dungeon. To come in the second part of the spider dungeon, you need Passage Ticket for a pass, you can buy it from Item Shop or drop it from monsters inside Spider Dungeon 1, and then respond Chuk-Sal, which is located in the last chamber.

Watch out for the Claw Poison Spider, the Proud Soldier Spider and the Queen Spider, because these monsters are aggressive and attack by itself!

Interactive Map


No metins available on this map
Ore Veins
No ore veins available on this map

Other Information
Map Overview
Metins spawn areas

Kuahklo Dong.jpeg

No image available for metin spawn areas.

Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter