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The Secret Stash

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Scroll Open.png The Secret Stash Scroll Open.png - Required Level 30
Quest Starter
Quest Reward
Needed items
Needed quests
  • Depends on the NPC you choose and the Ingots you have
Steps to completion
  • Go to Betrayer Balso at city 2
  • Pay the insurance
  • After a day the quest will change to 'A new morning has risen'. Click on the scroll.
  • Go then to Balso. He will give you the Gold Ingots.
Other information
* Quest Type: Side Quest
  • The following NPCs will offer you some Yang in exchange for your ingots:

Captain gives you 400k for each one AND half of the previous price for every other one.
Old Lady gives you 550k for the first two and will add half of that price for the last one.
Uriel gives you 750k for the first one but it will discount a 20% for every other one.
Biologist Chaegirab gives you 600k for each one.
Baek-Go gives you 800k for the first one and will only give you half that price for the next ones.

  • Go to the NPC or NPCs of your choice and sell them some ingots by dragging Lump of Gold from your inventory onto them!

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